The Quick-Fix Quarantine
Hair Color Hero Is Here

Delivered to your home and virtually guided by a professional hair colorist to make sure
you get it done right the first time!


The Pro-Guided


Hair Solution

D'Aubyn Color is the foolproof,  
 I can do it myself  color that will seamlessly conceal your roots, without damage to your hair, until you get back to see your hair stylist.


But don't be surprised if you end up continuing
your in-home hair color routine!





Offering a quality fix to get you through the quarantine while your favorite hair salon is closed.




How Does It Work?


    Choosing Your Custom Color 

    After you place your order online, you will be given a calendar link to book your Virtual Color Consultation with a D'Aubyn Color Care Expert to help you formulate your best color combination.


    The Color Kit Is On Its Way!

    Your custom formulation is sent to your home.  If you are a rookie in applying color at home, make sure you book your free Color Application Guide Virtual Call. If you are a color-confident home pro, take time to watch the Color Application Prep Video.


    A Confident Color Experience 

    Our expert guides will help you mix and apply the color from the bowl to the brush to your head. You won't be alone during this virtual call to give you more confidence while you transform your hair color.


    Following Up on Your Hair Growth

    In about two to three weeks after your application, you'll have the opportunity to meet with an expert to assess your root growth and color.

"I love the control I have to touch up my roots, as much as I want, whenever I want! 
I have peace of mind knowing
I can do it all by myself."




“This color system is allowing
me to get a jump-start on
going gray gracefully.
As I enter the sixth decade of my life, my hair has never felt healthier!"  





"Gave me a rich, chocolatey fullness! 

I love how it feels, so healthy!

It's peace of mind when you can't get
to the salon!" 


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See for Yourself
How Easy It Is!

D'Aubyn hair color founder KJ D'Aubyn shows you how to achieve seamless, believable and forgiving hair color done from the comfort of your home.

 Seamless, Believable & Forgiving Hair Color
Done from the Comfort of Your Home!

D'Aubyn Hair Color is so quick and easy to use with no risk of damage to your hair! 
Made from untraditional ingredients, it won't damage your hair and super simple to apply yourself without the smelly mess.

  • No more smelly chemicals.

    Since we don't use damaging ingredients like ammonia and peroxide, you won't have that synthetic smell that lingers on your pillow the night that you come home from the salon.

  • No More Harsh Root Regrowth.

    Tired of the strong demarcation line that's visible from your hairline just a few weeks after your color? Our gentle color formula allows your hair to grow out naturally with no noticeable root lines.

  • No more dark stains around your hairline.

    Scrubbing the dark color off your forehead or ear line is no longer an issue when you use D'Aubyn color formula. 

  • Just add water.

    Mixes with water not peroxide, making home application as simple and foolproof as possible, with no fear of damaging your existing hair color.

  • Wait no longer than 40 minutes.

    No more long processing times or lengthy sessions sitting under a hot dryer.  You can multitask your chores while you wait for the luscious color to set.

  • No need for accurate saturation or application.

    Since D’Aubyn Color pigments are not activated with hydrogen peroxide, there is no change to your own natural pigment. No brassy roots, no bleed-marks or tiger stripes. Application is so forgiving, we suggest doing less coverage rather than more to blend for natural-looking color.

Learn about founder KJ D'AUBYN's Obsession

"She just wanted hair like her daughter..."

 Over two decades ago, a new client walked into my salon with her 5-year-old-daughter.  As she sat in my chair, I heard complaint after complaint about her aging hair. She spent what seemed like an hour combing her fingers through her dry, brittle hair, holding it away from her head demonstrating the new brassy normal of her once beautiful blonde mane. I'm so sick of my hair!  
I'm ready to cut it all off!”


With tears in her eyes and in total frustration, she pointed to her daughter's soft beautiful locks.



Immediately, I was obsessed with getting that bouncy natural hair she was craving. And in that moment, I became committed to a solution for all women, not just the ones sitting in my chair. 


Honestly, I had no idea how hard it was going to be. After years of formulation and working with my chemist husband Randall, we came up with an answer that hair professionals can easily use to give this seamless, natural look and feel to their loyal clients. 


KJ's signature formula created with nontraditional ingredients quickly became the best-kept salon secret in her home state of Arizona, tending to the needs of women who wanted to restore their hair from the hot desert sun. It wasn't long before she was featured as the must-have product in local Arizona magazines and on-air media.





Hollywood On-Set Hair Pros!

Would you believe that KJ’s biggest client right now is Hollywood? 

She was called in to teach a class to train top hair stylists in the film industry to help keep the actors and actresses’s hair looking natural over the course of long movie shoots without nasty chemicals, forehead stains and demarcation lines.
KJ’s easy to use formulation was a welcomed solution for working quickly on-set in between scenes, keeping actors' hair fresh and natural without damage to their existing hair color.


Earlier this year, she was invited to teach a class to award-winning hairstylists, giving them the advantage for low-maintenance hair for working on-location and studio sets.  Here's what some of the students had to say...



Camille Henderson

Journeyman Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist

"I’m in love with this GENIUS hair color!

My hair has never looked so beautiful! D’Aubyn Color takes innovation to the next level of hair color!"  

Felicia Linsky

Award Winning Celebrity Makeup & Hair Artist 

"The color is so natural!

I had so much fun in the coloring class! It's so nice to be with a group of people so excited to learn. Plus the color is so natural and a fun new way of doing color."

Natalie Driscol

Emmy Award-Winning Hair Stylist

"This is such cool color!

I love it because we were using typical color and it would fade out and get real red - this covers!"

Rachael Werren

Red Carpet Hair Stylist

"I’m always seeking the best products the market that align with my fine art and 'real hair color' results with the least amount of damage actually enhancing the health of one's hair."



This is for you if

​you want to cover your roots naturally without hard demarcation lines


you want to transition from dyed hair to your natural unpigmented color


you want the flexibility to control your hair color from the comfort of your home

This is NOT for you

​if you want an extreme color change to your hair


if you want to lighten any part of your own natural pigment 


if you are unwilling to see your hair in its natural light and beauty

D'Aubyn Hair Color

with Concierge Care

Designed for first-time home hair colorists

  • One Virtual Call with a D'Aubyn Professional to assess your custom formula.

  • 3-Color-Kit custom chosen in your natural hair shades to last you five applications

  • One Virtual Application Call to help guide you through your first application

  • 2 Week Follow-Up Call with a D'Aubyn expert to check in on your color and regrowth.

Up to 1 year of hair coloring for less than $300!

Schedule your FREE consultation call to learn more and see if it's a fit for you. 

BONUS GIFT! While Supplies Last

Professional Tool Kit: Brush, Bowl & Glove

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your at-home hair care Q's

Does D’Aubyn Color give full coverage?

Is D'Aubyn Color permanent hair color?

Do I need a stain protector for my hairline?

If the color is too light, can I add a darker color immediately, in the same session?

How long does D'Aubyn Color last?

Will it stain my clothes, counter or carpet?

Does this product have henna in it?

D’Aubyn Color pigments are Henna Free - Fragrance Free - Cruelty Free (100% tested on humans)

Is it possible for me to be allergic to this hair color?

If you have allergies to hair dyes you will most likely also be allergic to our dyes. If you are of the 1% who has these allergies to hair dye, we strongly recommend that you do not color your hair with anything that can color un-pigmented hair. If you are allergic to henna then, no, as our pigments are henna-free.


Guided by the passion and empowerment of professional hair colorists worldwide and through
education and skilled application.
D'Aubyn Color strives to bring the beauty
of realistic and youthful-looking hair color to all
who seek it!

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